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About Suzanne Beverly Dayton
Suzanne is a seasoned family traveler and travel advisor who empowers moms to create their ideal European family vacations. 

Her first experience in Europe was after obtaining a degree in marketing from the University of Maryland at College Park. Suzanne embarked on a 3 week tour of Europe where the art, music, sunrises and sunsets, excursions, architecture, beer, wine and cuisine from various different cultures created a lust for travel. 

Since that time Suzanne and her husband Fred have created a lifestyle that allows them to travel, and sometimes live, around the world. They had the opportunity to live in Germany for almost 4 years where they started their family. They ventured out as a family traveling to Italy, France, Iceland, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Mexico, the Greek Isles, and so many more places. 

During this time Suzanne became passionate about helping other mommas experience Europe with their family too. This is why she started her business as a travel agent. So she could help and empower busy moms like you create to create your unforgettable European family vacations. 
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Hey there, hon!
Trip planning is overwhelming and there are so many unknowns.

When I started I didn't have the tools to put a plan together. I was experiencing being an overwhelmed mom firsthand. Know what I mean?

The first trip that we tried to plan with my daughter, she was not even six months old yet, we wanted to go to Sardinia, Italy. My parents were joining us and I felt the overwhelm that came with planning a big European trip.

It wasn't only my husband and I any longer, now we had a child to plan for and it was stressful. 

This entire first experience made me want to create something that could help other moms. I wanted to get rid of those nights of no sleep and trying to figure out what to do...

Or you know, even more so help those that don't ever do it because they don't have the time or the resources to get it done. 

They don't have the time to be... scouring the internet and trying to figure out what's the right thing to do and the right places to go. 

Moms have told me they're overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. That's exactly what I felt the first time that I sat down to plan a family vacation to Europe...

It was overwhelming and there was so many sleepless nights. There were so many moments where I was like, "Let's not go" and I wanted to throw in the towel.
Want your ideal family vacation to Italy? Let Suzanne show you her 7 Must-Knows so you can create your own amazing family vacation to Italy.
In hindsight, I'm so happy we didn't do that because these trips are some of the best memories we have. As my kids get older, I'm excited to keep exposing them to different cultures and educational experiences.

My desire for this first major trip was to gain a new perspective on travel. There's so many times in life that we are taught that there's only one way to do things. There's only one right way. But when you travel your mind opens up and you see that there are many different ways to approach anything in life.

Trying to figure everything out was a bit of a challenge. Things like, how would we deal with the car seat and the rides to and from the airport in Sardinia? It was a small little island that didn't have great public transportation. 

How would we deal with the formula and all the extra things we had to bring? 

And was it the right thing to take my under six month old on an airplane? Flights to Europe are long and that was something I struggled with.

I'm so happy we went because I learned so many lessons and gained a new perspective on traveling with kids. Now we have created a lifestyle of travel and it is part of who we are. 

But when I was planning our very first trip I realized a problem that was occurring. I was re-working the trip so often. I didn't know what order to do things in. I would start with my hotel and then I'd have to change it based on things we wanted to do - again and again. 

I was wasting time, doubting myself, and double-checking things. I didn't have any confidence, direction or understanding of what what to do. 
That's when I finally discovered that there was a specific way to do things. After making all the mistakes myself, I realized that there's one way to plan a vacation for a family that works! 

I started following this formula and planning trips in one sitting. Thats was when I came up, with what I call now, the Vacation Creation Formula. I've applied this exact process to the Complete Italian Vacation Plan with Kids step by step. 

It is a seven step process that I go through in a specific order every time. It makes things so simple and so easy because I know exactly what I'm doing and in what order. I don't have to go back and rework anything. 

It's what I am using as a travel professional and in my own life. I know how amazing this formula is...

And wanted to start sharing this with other moms! 

Going through the steps I learned things like, I can't put many sightseeing tours in one day. It was too much for my daughter, so we need to balance our days a little bit better. Even though we're having this amazing vacation, there had to be a way to balance her needs. 

At first it was hard to learn how to experience these amazing countries with a child. But once I learned how to balance everything using the Vacation Creation formula, vacations were nothing but awesome. 

One of the tricks I came up with is to do sightseeing in the morning and then in the afternoon do something more low key. And so that's when we sit somewhere and enjoy the wine, ice cream, or expresso at the Trevi Fountain, for example. Or sit and play under the Eiffel Tower. 

Traveling with kids gives you the opportunity, that we often missed before, to slow down. Make it a point to experience a little bit more of what the locals do. I encourage that. 

This entire formula created a transformation in the way that I travel. I went from being stressed out, overwhelmed, and wasting time to putting together outstanding family vacations.

 I was able to create that perfect balance of sightseeing, but also downtime for my kids. We now experience the most authentic parts of every European country. Plus, I could plan entire trips in one afternoon. 

People would say to me, "Why did you become a travel professional? It seems so tiring and time-consuming to plan these trips?"

Well when I have a formula that I walk through every time, it makes trip planning so simple. It actually doesn't take much time at all, plus I have trusted partners all over the world. 

It was a complete transformation in how I plan family travel for myself and my clients and I would never go back now.
So The Complete Italian Plan with Kids is how I can break down this formula and apply it to Italy for moms. 

I am offering it to moms that want to plan their own trips with their kids, but don't want to hire a travel professional. 

I have a lot of clients that actually love the planning part. I encourage people to get involved in the planning because it is your excitement before the trip. 

But people still struggle with the overwhelm, not knowing what vendors to go with, where to start, or how to plan for a family in Italy. That's a big thing in Europe. It's not very easy to find hotels that accommodate larger family sizes. 

And so I wanted to be able to offer something at a price point that anybody could take advantage of. Something that would not take hours of time, but could be done in one sitting. 

I wanted to take what I do and lay it out so anyone could apply it to their vacation. 
Trying to cover everything was too general and did not have enough detail for specific countries. 

I decided to start with Italy because it is (well, before the pandemic) the most requested trip I get. 

You can sit down in one afternoon and plan your entire trip. 

Without all the stress and hassle. 

Without the trial and error I've gone through. 

And with all the research done for you. 

Want your ideal family vacation to Italy? Let Suzanne show you her 7 Must-Knows so you can create your own amazing family vacation to Italy.
This complete plan contains every bit of information you need. 

Every single thing you could think of is inside.

So if you want to go to Italy with your kids, without all the stress, grab your Complete Italian Vacation Plan with Kids. 

Get the planning done with one glass of wine. 


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